Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sounds Like Life To Me

I was talking with my friend Lisa last night, and we were talking a bit about this blog, and she asked, "Aren't you afraid you will run out of things to write about?"


As I watched the Tea Party unfold...

It was one of those "dumb" days yesterday, you know, one where you can't get out of your own way...

I shot hair conditioner directly into my eye.

I knocked my toothbrush into the toilet, and fished it out with shish-kebob skewers...

And I single handed-ly(or footetd-ly)? collapsed a long standing stone planter, by simply stepping on it, and sent a large amount of rocks, dirt, and debris onto my mothers driveway. (Diet not working)?

I did it gracefully, though.

So at the end of the day, work was done, dishes were done, laundry was, well, clean, I entered the living room to "hang out" with Kiki and Tyler, who were in the midst of a very, very intense Tea Party.

Who was there?

Well of course Stacy, Kikis imaginary friend. Her mom now owns a restaurant, and Stacy will be staying with us until Friday. Kiki is insistent that Stacy is copying her, because she has braids in her hair now, too. (I have had the song "Stacys Mom in my head for weeks, now).

Tyler said that Joe was NOT here, because he drank too much chocolate milk and had to go to the hospital for shots. (hmmmmm).

Tyler talks about his "teacher" a lot. Sometimes he says his teacher is "Uncle Won,"(Ron), But lately he says his teacher is "Mrs. May-How-en."

"Mrs. May-Howen?"

"NO MUM...MAY-HOW-EN!...You know-like a TOOT-TOOT...HOW-EN?"

"OOOOHHHH! Horn!?" I asked, finally getting it.

"Yes! Sheesh!" He exclaims, smacking his head like I should've had a V-8.

Anyway, Mrs. Mayhorn was at the tea party, along with the little plastic dragons he has been obsessed with since seeing the movie.

Unfortunately, there are only two teacups in the tea set, there were more at one point, but now we have to share.

Kiki brought my cup to me.

"Be careful. It's grape juice." She directs.

"I thought it was tea." I said.

"Mama. You would never let a kid make hot tea, would you? This is just pretend."


"Yeah Mama," Tyler chimed in, "Whats wong with you?"

Yikes. So I drank my pretend grape juice, and ate my pretend cake.

"Can you hurry Mum? I need to feed the others. THEY ARE STARVING!"

I did hurry. "Sorry." I passed my cup and plate back to her.

"You didn't eat it!"

"Yes I did! It was delicious!"

She was so convincing. I "ate" it again.

Tyler had now moved on and was playing with his dragons, making them spit fire and fly around.

"You just hit Stacy!" Kiki shrieked!

Then a fire truck went by, and Ty completely lost all attention to Kikis very important event.

"Did you see that?...A laddah twuck!"


"I don't want anymore. I'm full."

"Fine." Kiki huffed. "You're an arse."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" I was jolted out of my own daydream...


"Mackenzie! That is NOT nice! And where did you hear that word?"



"Oh, Reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy."

I was going to call my mom and joke about the new word of the day, but I figured she was probably out trying to clean up the gigantic pile of dirt and rock and debris I left in her driveway. (Sorry, Mom).

And so the cute little tea party ended, and I chuckled to myself at the thought of ever not having something to write about.

I think there is a song that says, "Sounds like life, to me..."

I have hundreds of stories to tell...more kids, birds, frogs, traffic stories, stories about the nutty cast of characters in my life every day...and if I can find a bit of humor every day, I'll keep sharing it with you.

Hope this made you smile~

Thanks for Reading.

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