Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Too Late For Sorry

I'll let you know right off the bat...There may be language used in this blog that may be a leeeeetle bit offensive. Not horrible words, just the occasional mild expletives that sometimes slip from a sometimes frustrated mommy/employee/wife/ex-wifes mouth. (I know that some of you are l-ing-ol at this right now). And expressed at a later date by other members of my family. (a.k.a., the kids).

It happens a lot around here, and I am certain it happens in other households, too...you hear your kids repeating things you MAY have said...either to them, or thinking they were out of earshot when you said it...and where you KNOW its inappropriate, it sounds so funny, you JUST HAVE TO LAUGH.

For example: Last night I sounded the bedtime call from upstairs. I could hear them start their nightly race up the stairs. I heard a door slam, and Tyler came running around the corner. Next around the corner was Kiki, with a nasty look on her face and hands on her hips.
"Whats wrong with you?" I asked.

In her cute Tink pajamas(the ones she wanted to trade in the night before) and two "Dorothy" style braids, she looked adorable. I just stared at her for a second, and she stared back at me, still with hands on hips, and I cracked up laughing.

"I am so mad at him! He is such a little BOTHER!"

Is it bad that I wanted to hear more of her tirade? It was too funny to stop her. The fact that she had absolutely no idea WHY it was so funny made the moment golden to me.

Of course, Tyler apologized, they hugged, and bedtime went on as usual.

Earlier in the day, after Kiki got on the bus, Tyler decided that he wanted to play outside. It was only 8:30 in the morning, and it was chilly~not that it mattered to him~but I was actually in the middle of a work "thing" and had to go in quickly to take care of it.(The trials of trying to balance mommy hood and work...a topic for another day)...

Ty was determined to stay outside with his "constwuction vehicoows" and I was losing my patience.

After a bit of heated debate, he came inside and settled down with his blocks while I spoke with a customer on the phone.

After my phone call, I yelled upstairs to Tyler,

"Ty? I'm sorry for snapping at you outside!"




"I said I am sorry."

Sneeze 3 times.

"Yeah? Well its TOO LATE for sorry!"

Sniiiifffff. (he has a cwappy cold, as he likes to call it).

I just sat with a mixture of emotions. I just said that to him the other night after he dumped dirt from his dump truck all over the living room. I had no idea he even cared at the time. But he certainly heard the words! He sounded JUST LIKE ME. Then I had to laugh.

I went upstairs and gave him a hug.

"I really am sorry, Ty."

"Can I have a cookie?"

I knew I was forgiven.

I gave him a cookie. Yes. I. Did.

They really do hear everything, and doggone it, THAT'S how we turn into our own parents.


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