Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Imaginary Friends

I finally met her.

The bff of my 4 year old daughter, Mackenzie~her name is Stacy.

Mackenzie, affectionately called "Kiki," has been talking to, planning with, giggling and confiding in Stacy via her "cell phone" for weeks now. (The said cell phone being a square magnet that Kiki keeps in her pocket and beside her bed, in case Stacy calls).

Listening to her conversations, you would have a hard time believing that Stacy REALLY isn't on the other end of the discussion. Kiki laughs and chats, even pauses as though she is listening to every word that Stacy says. Its really quite interesting. More interesting than my real-life conversations.

So, yesterday afternoon, Kiki came running down the stairs..."Stacy is here! Her mom just dropped her off!" I actually stopped what I was doing to go to the door! Of course, there was no car pulling away, but I looked twice, just in case...

Kiki came to me a few minutes later to introduce me. "Mom, I'd like you to meet Stacy. She is going to sleep over! Now we are going to play hide and seek." And off they, I mean, she went.

Stacy had dinner with us(she brought her own waffles) and played with Tyler, too. We learned that she has purple nail polish and picks her nose. Her mom is named Kristen, too, and she has a red car.

We learned a lot about our guest as Kiki was getting ready for bed. Bun and Ruffers(her usual sleep buddies) got the boot to make room for Stacy, who, by the way, snores. She has Barbie pajamas, and Kiki was pissed that she didn't have Barbie pj's, too. (This was now getting to the coo-coo point). I actually started to feel bad that she had Tinkerbell on hers!

While all of this is going on, Tyler brought HIS buddy, Joe into the mix. Joe is short, and steals things, but then loses what he steals. The whole lot of them were having the time of their lives, while I wondered if I had enough Lucky Charms for every ones breakfast!

Fast forward to this morning, when Kiki let us know that Stacy will be staying with us until Saturday. Stacy did NOT go to school with her, because she feared that her real friend Brooke would sit ON her on the bus.

So now as I sit here, writing my first "BLOG," I wonder: Should I offer her lunch?
And for that matter, if Joe is still here, is he the reason I keep misplacing my coffee cup?

Until tomorrow~

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kristen, I gotta say you have such an interesting life.I think that is so incredible how they use there imaginations.I would have died hearing her go on about those stories.But you just turn into a real story that is so funny im wondering what will happen I wish I lived close so i could hear the stories myself.She's such a doll.I hear some crazy things from kids that i cut their hair.The day before easter i asked this 6yr.old boy if he was excited to get candy and chocolate tomorrow/ and he replies 'chocolate is fattening" What! I couldnt believe it. crazy. Carry on Kristen and cant wait for the next adventure. Miss you Kathy