Monday, April 19, 2010

Ode To The Road

Asked most with dismay.
To move back to where?
To what town? Where's JAY?

"Its where I grew up.
My family is there.
I want to be near them.
My home. THATS WHERE!"

So we sold our cute little house near the city,
And moved to our "new" house
On a day less than pretty.

I had made my decision, and forged with it ahead
Repairs? We can do it!
I had nothing to dread.

So the kitchen was ancient?
So what? Who cares?
And the bathroom was indeed
in need of repairs.

The walls were painted in greenish/grays
The floors downstairs had seen better days.

I really believe there were ghosts in the lights
They were old. And they flickered.
They gave me the frights.

There were cracks in the windows
the front steps were uneven
then the furnace was shot
I almost stopped believin'

We moved in the fall
And in late December
I was feeling lousy.
Sick. Tired. I so well remember~

The day that I "lost my cookies,"(barfed)
I drove home to get rest,
After I took a "positive" test.(In Wal-Mart)

We couldn't believe it it!
Another baby! No Way!
Kiki was just 4 months!
"It Happens," they say...

And so started a chapter,
season after season
fate takes us on journeys, we know...
for a reason.

For Tyler was coming~
How lucky were we?
There was an extra bedroom!
When before we had three!

But Tyler came early.
His lungs were diseased.
I swore I would do

If He let Tyler live
I promised I would
Never ask for more~
Everything I would give.

And so back and forth from Portland to Jay
With close family and friends
By our side all the way

When the septic flooded our family room
Lisa and Andrew rescued us from doom

And my mom and dad and sister, too
Were right there every day
(You'll never know how much I love you)

You know Tyler made it
I give thanks and pray
And we all live happily.
In my hometown of Jay.

The repairs I envisioned,
Well, we still need.
tiles are falling off, basement leaks...
Do It Yourself books we read

The bathroom walls still need a fresh coat of paint
The color of old apricots
Just might make you faint

Theres a window still cracked
The light fixtures haunted
But I wouldn't trade it~
I have all I've ever wanted

My children healthy
My family close by
So what if my fridge is about to die?

I can live with it all
As long as we're together
The only thing I need changed
Are my counter tops:

Life here is crazy, by now, this you see.
With kids, work, and life stuff,
I'm sure you'd agree...

If I worried about dumb things
I just might explode~
So I just count my blessings
1-4-5 Crazy Road

Thanks For Reading~


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