Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here's To You

Here's to the MOM with the crazy life
Here's to the MOM, the worker, the wife
Here's to the MOM, the teacher, the cook
To the MOM who can silence with
Here's to the MOM who works full time
Balances checkbooks to the dime
Here's to the MOM in the grocery store
3 kids screaming, fits on the floor
Here's to the MOM who wipes away tears
To the one who calms the deepest fears
To the MOM still trying to lose the belly
Who cleans kids "everythings" that are filthy and smelly
The Easter Bunny, Santa, and of course The Tooth Fairy
Who keeps it together, no matter how weary.
To the MOM who has a child overseas
Fighting for Freedom~pray for them, please.
To the MOM who has suffered the heartbreak and pain
Of losing a child, pray the sadness will wan
To the single MOM who is doing her best
To the MOM who helps study for the algebra test
Here's to the DAD who has become Mommy, too
And the GRANDMOMS raising kids again, Here's to you!
Here's to the STEPMOMS who love just as much
Here's to the PETMOMS, of Dogs, Cats and such~
If you're potty training, nose wiping, doing your best
If you are facing graduation, a new empty nest~
To the MOM who is searching for the perfect dress
For the prom or wedding(or two~no less)!
Thanks to the MOM who packs healthy lunches
Who loves to get dandelions help up in bunches~
Here's to the MOM finding new gray hair
And crying a bit at the wear and tear!
Who throws away her "mommy jeans"
And worries about the perils of teens
Here's to the MOM going back to school
Here's to the MOM who is nobodys fool
Here's to the MOM whos child may be ill,
Her faith may be tested by what is God's will
Here's to the MOM figuring out how to text~
Who takes on each challenge, then says, "NOW, WHAT'S NEXT?"
The MOM in a mini-van, every seat packed
The MOM who sees to it~laundry folded and stacked
The MOM who picks up, drops off, runs around crazy
To the MOM who no-one had better call lazy
To the MOM who is feeling too heavy, too old
To the MOM who powers through seasons of flu and cold
She truly IS too tired for sex.
To the MOM who waits in the pouring rain
Through extra innings in a tie-game
Who comforts that player, when that game is lost
Or Celebrates victory, no matter the cost~
Here's to the MOM who doesn't get "twitter"
Who worries through "date night" about a new sitter
Here's to the MOM who sticks to what's right
Even when her "grown up" puts up a fight.
She closes the door to have a good cry
Sometimes she doesn't even really know why
Here's to the MOM who listens and smiles
Who silently sorts through laundry piles
Here's to the MOM who waits up nights
Till she sees the relief of the cars headlights~
Pulling in, kids home safe again
Wondering where in the world they have been
Balancing everything, come what may
Never letting anything get in her way~
For all that you are, for ALL that you do~
Happy Mother's Day everyday...
Here's to YOU!

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