Monday, May 3, 2010

All Dogs Go To Kevin: A Glossary Of Terms

If you are going to continue to read this blog, even occasionally, there are some terms you might need to know. Here are a few, with some explanations, and how they fit into our life here at 145 Crazy Road:

Warning: Some of these are a little gross.

Bup: Nickname for my dad, the kids grandfather and all-around hero. He is the best "daycare" around. The Lego-building expert, The Teacher of Willie Nelson's "Blue Skies," The rescuer, The FishermanOutdoorsManFireTruckseeker,
The coffee-bringer-when-i-really-need-one, best labor-partner(story to follow), a gal and her kids could ever ask for.

Boogah-pickas: The term my husband gave to my beloved tweezers when he started using them to get boogers out of my kids' noses. Now, whenever I am using my NEW tweezers the way they are intended, one of my kids inevitably shows up and asks me if I have boogers in my eyebrows. Thanks, Honey.

Butter-sly: Mackenzie sometimes slips and replaces "fl" with "sl." Buttersly, Sloor, slip-slops. Too cute to correct just yet.

Caramel-Sue: Mackenzie's translation of the ever-popular Italian classic, Tiramisu. I started making this dessert(an easy recipe)around Christmastime and everyone in my family loves it. Mackenzie just cannot grasp the real word, and when she asks if I'm making CARAMEL-SUE, it's again, just too cute to correct her.

Casey: Our beloved Golden Retriever

Cuckah-Suckah: The term that Bup made up for the septic trucks that pass by our house, and pounded into Tylers personal bank of language. "Look, Mama, it's a CUCKAH-SUCKAH!" Sometimes, he uses it when he's mad at me and wants to call me names. "MAMA! You Cuckah-Suckah!" Thanks, Bup!

E-WAH: Tyler's beloved stuffed "EEYORE" from Winnie-The-Pooh. This pathetic-looking stuffed donkey is his pride and joy, and Heaven help us if he is temporarily missing at bedtime. The whole family goes into search and destroy mode until he is found. The fact that his tail is STILL attached is unbelievable to me, as Tyler totes him, swings him, twists him and drags him by it, day in, and day out.

FWANK: Tyler's name for Nick's dad FRank.

Goobie-Gettahs: Q-tips. Enough said.

Joe: Tyler's imaginary friend. Joe steals things, but then loses what he steals. He is currently in the hospital having shots. He got sick from drinking too much chocolate milk.

Kevin: Mackenzie's misunderstood version of HEAVEN. Recently, Bup and Nannies dog "Buddy" passed away. We explained that he went to Heaven, where he would be comfortable and happy. Mackenzie asked us the other night when we could go see "Kevin."

"Who is Kevin?" I asked.

"You know, KEVIN! Where Buddy and MayMay(my memere)went!"

"Oh! You mean HEAVEN!" I asked.

"Yeah. Whatever. Can we take the bid red truck there?" She asked.

"Well, no, Keek. We can't take the truck. We need wings." This would take a while.

"Like Tinkerbelle?"

"Sort of."

"Do all dogs go to Kevin?"

"Yes, Kiki. All dogs go to Kevin."

Kiki, Keek: Tyler's nickname for his big sister, Mackenzie. He started saying it when he first started talking and it stuck.

Mini-Mouse, Mini-Me, Mini: My nicknames for my daughter, who, indeed, looks just like me.

Nannie: My Mom. The world's busiest, most beautiful, stylish, clever, problem solving, baseball to barbie expert there ever was. Retired? HAHAHA!
She takes care of ALL of us. She is the frog-fearing originator of almost all of my traits, habits and quirks, including over-the-top party planning, worrying non-stop, and possibly loving my children more than I ever thought possible. Love you, CB!

Pink-Oh-Boy: Kiki's pink satin blanket that has slept beside her since she was a baby. We used to rub her little face with the satin side and say, "oh, boy! doesn't that feel soft?" Hence, "Pink-oh-boy." There is also a "Black-oh-boy" that is actually blue, but at this point, who cares?

Stacy: Kiki's imaginary friend. Stacy and Kiki have amazing conversations on the phone at night. Stacy has purple nail polish and picks her nose. She frequently spends the nights with us because her mom owns a restaurant.
She recently suffered a case "of the ticks." It put her in the hospital for almost a week, after going on a "hunt" with her father.

Turd-Alert: (tauw-d-a-lauwt)Thanks again to my husband, who taught Tyler that when he passes gas before pooping, that is called a turd-alert. Can't wait for him to inform his new classmates next year of this one.

TylerRamma-Bo-Bamma-Alabama-Slamma-In-His-PAJAMAS: The little song I sing to him every morning when he wakes up and comes into the room, dragging E-WAH, and crawls into my lap for our morning snuggle.

Tyler-Riffic: Another nickname for him.

Well, those are some of the terms I hear on a daily basis. Some funny, some gross, but all endearing~ All certain to make me smile, shake my head, and at the end of the day, find a little humor.

Thanks For Reading.

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  1. These are just too sweet. You definitely should publish these or be a stand up comedian. Thank you for sharing.